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American Church Stories

I knew I wanted American Church Stories to focus on the simple and amazing stories of the good things God is doing through His church in North America. I knew that hearing these stories would inspire, challenge, and teach me more about God and I wanted to share these stories with the world.



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What are people saying?

  • Paul Watson is both a passionate disciple of Jesus and an innovative thinker. His coaching, perspective, and encouragement has made me a more contagious disciple maker and a more thoughtful person. You can’t help but become better equipped, more encouraged, and more effective by spending time under Paul’s influence.
  • Paul is one of the strongest dreamers, visionaries, and tinkerers I know. However, his greatest influence on me is teaching me the value of creating a culture of celebration, especially celebrating what God has done, is doing, and will do. In American Church Stories, Paul collaborates with believers all over America helping them give God glory by telling the story of what He is doing through His Church.
  • It's easy to find the negative - but so much more inspiring and helpful to look at the positive. That's why I'm so excited about Paul's desire to point out the positive, to look for what God is doing through His church and join Him in His work. Paul is a great friend, an amazing thinker, and an effective mobilizer of people for the mission of God. I can only imagine what new ideas, God-honoring trends, and world-changing dreams will surface through this new platform. I'm on the edge of my seat!
  • Paul is the guy that’s always paying attention and he cares deeply about the church in all it’s diverse forms. Paul is the one I look to when I need a new perspective, so naturally I’m especially excited to hear what he discovers on this "American Church Stories" adventure.
  • My good friend and fellow-laborer Paul Watson has already made an impact in millions of lives through he and his Dad’s Discovery Bible Method, planting thousands of churches worldwide, as well as through his recent “Contagious Disciple Making” book. Now he is launching a weekly podcast entitled “American Church Stories” where he interviews ordinary Jesus-followers in North America, whom God is using in extraordinary ways. Because Paul lives an authentic life of significance and service to others, I can already guarantee you won’t want to miss this roll out. Stay tuned!
  • God is always at work in our world. Sometimes it is beyond what His people are willing to do, but often it is working through His people. American Church Stories bring to light some of these ways God is at work among us. These stories will surprise you, enlighten you, inspire you, and hopefully encourage you to engage God is what He is already doing.